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“From intense 1-on-1s and 3-ways to the deflowering of a rookie sub slut, the 7 raw and ruthless scenes in Man-Cunt affirm how real men really fuck in the UK.”
“Jorge Ballantinos, Lito Cruz, Sam Porter”
“Treasure Island Media”

“Fuckathon Weekend”
“What can I say other than, "YUM YUM YUM, this guy is fucking HOT!" There is nothing better than fucking a fan that is VERY familiar with what we do. “
“Cole Maverick, Hunter "Maverick Man", Marco”
“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“Ethan Ever’s Surprise Day 1”
“Long time member favorite, straight stud, Ethan Ever, surprises Aaron & Seth after three years away. It’s day one of his visit & the guys go on a short hike. “
“Aaron French, Ethan Ever, Seth Chase”

“ManCunts 10: Military Ass”
“Howie is 33 years old, former military, and currently works as an auto mechanic. He’s straight, with a girlfriend and a family, but oversexed and very into showing himself off naked. “
“Iron Video”

“Whats On Your Mind”
“Thes guys know what’s on your mind! Big cocks and ass pounding!”
“Remy Mars, Romeo”
“B.C. Productions, Chocolate Cream”

“Demanding Bottom Tyler Wants More”
“One word sums up this film – yummy! Tyler, with his cute face and big thick cock couldn’t wait to get the equally gorgeous Aarron on the bed for a sensual and sexy fuck session – and so that’s what happened.”
“Aaron, Tyler M.”
“Blake Mason”

“Bareback Bait”
“This guy’s enticing ass just begs for these dudes to fuck it bareback!”

“Bareback Media, Sebastian’s Studios”

“Meat Eaters”
“These chocolate dudes love eating man meat. They gobble it up with their hungry mouths and asses!”
“Remy Mars”
“B.C. Productions, Chocolate Cream”

“The Ass Bang Theory 3”
“Six hot straight men cum togeher to finish out the trilogy of The Ass Bang Theory. Forrest, Chase, JT, Tyce, Brett, and Tucker will show you the theory behind banging ass!”
“Chase (m), Forrest”
“Amateur Straight Guys”

“Straight Guys First Gay Blow Job”
“America’s new sweetheart (America) is paired up with a gorgeous guy from Venezuela that goes by the name of Ocelot. He explains with an impish grin that an ocelot is a beautiful cat with sexy markings.”
“Bradley Rose, Dustin”
“Dirty Tony”

“Cum Dump”
“Watch this black slut take white dick down his throat and up his ass. He loves to have loads of cum sprayed in his face.”

“Ch. 2 Productions”

“Battle Of The Bulge 2”
“In Battle Of The Bulge 2, you get even more hot cocks and rock-hard military bodies.”
“Niko, Tito”
“Active Duty”

“Builders Orgy”
“A gang of builder’s descend on a renovation job and all that sweaty hard manual labour soon gets the blood pumping and the spunk flowing in the horniest, sweatiest and grittiest fucking Builder’s Orgy ever! “
“Triga Films”

“Simon’s Daddy”
“Simon’s daddy goes nuts on the bed with sucking and fucking galore!”

“Latino Guys”

“Caught In The Act”
“Someone is in trouble with the law and the punishment is a nice hard ass fucking!”
“B.C. Productions, Chocolate Cream”

“Big Dick Boys Make Some Toys”
“Having invited the guys back to make dildos of their cocks, the atmosphere was very relaxed and focused on having fun… which meant Jesse wasn’t too phased when things got a little bit more adventurous. “
“Jessie, Robbie”
“Blake Mason”

“A Huge Load From A Hot Fuck”
“Sometimes, the good things in life are worth waiting for – and in this case patience is indeed rewarding! Christopher returns and this time Tony was the lucky guy to get a right sexual seeing to…”
“Christopher, Tony Parker”
“Blake Mason”

“Fun With Bruno And JD”
“Bruno and JD have fun fucking and sucking each other until they shoot off massive loads of cum!”
“Bruno, JD”
“The Great Canadian Male”

“Bare Amateurs 2”
“These dudes love to fuck bareback!”

“Sebastian’s Studios”

“All Up In It”
“These choclate dudes get all up in each other’s asses.”
“Nubius, Xtasy (m)”
“B.C. Productions, Chocolate Cream”

“ShowGuys 568: Alex And Nicholi With Ian Jay”
“The scene was supposed to be Alex and Nicholi, but Alex was late, so Ian jumps in and he and Nicholi start messing around. They get naked, and Nicholi sucks Ian. But a naked Alex suddenly appears, and Ian and Alex make out.”
“Alex, Ian Jay, Nicholi”

“Sex Pig Breeders 2”
“Sleazy sluts pigging out all the way with explosive, splashing orgasms! They are back Sex Pig Breeders 2!”
“Marcelo Martins, Victor Zavatt”
“Oh Man! Studios”

“Puffy Coat Facial”
“Aaron & Seth put on their puffy coats and hit the trail. They ended up at an old campsite and decided to get wild. Aaron was so hungry for Seth’s load he asks for Seth to squirt pre-cum in his mouth.”
“Aaron French, Seth Chase”

“Theo Gets Double The Dick”
“I promised the return of some recent newbies, and what better way to bring them to you, then a good ole threeway. So we invited two of our freshest newbies, Jerry and Theo. But who do we get to head up this delightful tag team???”
“Jerry Kovacs, Robbie, Theo”
“Blake Mason”

“Fucked By A Straight Stud”
“After getting sucked off by a guy, Chad Hanson is now ready to fuck a guy for the first time ever! Aaron gets on all fours, with Chad round back, ready for his fat cock to be inserted. “
“Aaron French, Chad Hanson”

“Little T Collection”
“Hey guys, Hunter and I know you will LOVE this very special directors cut of the Little T videos, this rare collection is a must see for any fan of our videos J most of this amazing footage has never been featured on Maverick Men.”
“Cole Maverick, Hunter "Maverick Man", Little T.”
“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“Fucked Raw By The Cameraman 4”

“Andy Richard”
“Fantom Video, San Diego Boy Productions”

“Very Close Friends”
“Danny Slade and Al Blow get together for a romantic afternoon of kissing, sucking and fucking. Two guys with nice bodies who enjoy each other. “
“Al Blow, Danny Slade”
“Hot Dicks Video”

“Hugh is 20 year’s old and a military transplant from the Midwest, soaking up the weather and exploring his wilder sexual side while out here in South California. “
“Spunk Worthy”

“Take My Load”
“You read that right, Take My Load is about 6 hot slut bottoms giving up their PHAT asses for me to fuck bareback and breed deep”
“Kane Rider, Tyler Reed”
“Alpha 1 Men, USAJOCK”

“Hot Young Raver Bois”
“These bois are up all night dancing and fucking!”


“Bareback Muscle”
“This muscle stud loves to fuck bareback!”

“Bareback Media, Sebastian’s Studios”

“Walker Michael’s First Gay Fuck”
“Straight stud Walker Michaels fucks a dude in the ass for the very first time! Aaron gets on all fours & Walker spreads Aaron’s cheeks. You can see his cock going in and out. “
“Aaron French, Walker Michaels”

“Hayden’s Big Load Facial”
“Seth Chase previously took Hayden’s load and makes a made of it. It’s now time for Hayden to take a nice fat load from Seth. Seth unleashes a gigantic load of cum that paints Hayden’s handsome face from ear to ear, forehead to chin.”
“Hayden Alexander, Seth Chase”

“Tag Team Fuck”
“Walker Michaels and Seth Chase get busy in the kitchen pounding Aaron French’s butt. Walker drills Aaron’s ass like a dog in heat. As Walker is fucking Aaron’s ass, Aaron opens up Seth’s pants for a nice spit-roast.”
“Aaron French, Seth Chase, Walker Michaels”

“Al’s Farewell Visit”

“Carl Hubay, Ryann (Hot Clits)”
“Hot Dicks Video”

“Hold on to your cowboy hats. 19 y/o Nevin was recently introduced to me through a buddy who hangs out with a lot of military guys. When our mutual friend asked Nevin about doing porn, the response was, thankfully, "Hell, yea!" Nevin is pure country.”
“Spunk Worthy”

“Big Cock Hard -N- Deep”
“Aaron French & Seth Chase have both previously gobbled down Alexander King’s big juicy cum loads. Now it’s time to get Alexander’s big dick to spurt out cum while deep inside an ass. Aaron bends over and Alexander shoves his cock in his butt.”
“Aaron French, Alexander King”

“Web Of Lies”
“What a tangled web we weave when we try to suck and fuck every cock in sight. These boys don`t know when to stop.”
“B C Productions, Chocolate Cream”

“Cum-Gushing Boy Fuck”
“Our sexy boy Liam is back for more hardcore action, and man we were so happy to see him (he can REALLY take a pounding!). We literally spent the entire weekend together FUCKING! In this cum-soaked fuck video we give Liam the fuck of his life.”

“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“Hot Interracial Bareback”
“Watch this black guy suck on meaty white cock!”

“Ch. 2 Productions”

“Bare Amateurs”
“Interracial twink bareback fucking.”

“Sebastian’s Studios”

“The Sperm Factory: Break Time 5: Gene Greene And Aaron Light”

“Aaron Light, Gene Greene”
“Olar Studios”

“Fucking Skater Boys”
“These skater boys love to fuck!”
“Price, Trey Richards”
“Feisty Media, Naked Skaters”

“Hard Inches For Bottom Robbie”
“Was it Marilyn Monroe who coined that immortal phrase "blondes have more fun"? If so, I think our rising star Robbie may have been looking back over history in order to decide how, what and who to do next! “
“Jon, Robbie”
“Blake Mason”

“Fuck Dynasty 3”
“Watch the final chapter of the Fuck Dynasty series as the men of Amateur Straight Guy fuck and suck like champs! Starting with the hot duo of Forrest and Stifler, then leading to the incredible threeway with JT, Tony, and Tyce.”
“Forrest, Stiffler”
“Amateur Straight Guys”

“Pumped Privates 2”
“Pumped Privates 2 features three scenes, with Orion, Riley, Shea and Tito. You get a duo with Orion and Riley, and a duo with Shea and Tito, plus, Orion’s debut solo for us. Orion is so super sexy, it just kills me.”
“Shea (m), Tito”
“Active Duty”

“More Than A Bromance 3”
“It’s more than a bromance, it’s a real romance as these black brothers fall in love and fuck it over and over again. I love you, man! “

“Hairy Man Holes”
“I’ve got a horny, hairy man hole. Fill my tight ass with your big pole! Come on and poke it, it can’t be beat I need my fill of hot sexy man meat. “


“I Barebacked My RoomMate’s Cherry Hole”
“I hadn’t talked to Jonny in a while, so you can imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail from one of my customers saying he was his roommate and they wanted to do a video together. “
“Jonny, Wyatt”
“Steve Myer Productions”

“Military Bareback Files”
“Military Bareback Files sports four scenes, including a hot bareback duo with Chris and Tim, as well as an oral scene with Brock and Tim. To round out the video, we’ve got solos from Travis and Tony.”
“Chris (Pink Bird Media), Tim (Pink Bird Media)”
“Active Duty”

“Gorgeous Butt Humping Buddies”
“Ahhh, the lovely Nathan B and the equally lovely Adam. Would they hit it off, I asked myself? Mmmm, two hot and horny guys, one being a rampant top and the other being a very eager bottom… could it work?”
“Nathan B., Will Jamieson”
“Blake Mason”

“A Rough Fuck And Legendary Cum Shot”
“Fucking. Some guys are good at it and some guys are great at it. But put the ever hungry hole of Andy O together with Dominic’s throbbing cock of steel and what you get is simply amazing fucking! “
“Andy O’Neil, Dominic Belko”
“Blake Mason”

“Gabriel And Jesiel: Hot Latin Action”
“These latin guys love to fuck!”
“Gabriel, Jesiel”

“Showguys 567: Jason And Jordan Bass”
“Jason is visiting South Florida, and here he is paired with a young man doing his first show ever, Jordan Bass. Right from the start Jason is sporting a huge erection, and Jordan goes down on the huge, thick cock. “
“Jason (AMVC), Jordan Bass”

“Big Wood Cum Swallowing”

“Aaron French, Hayden Alexander”

“Dirty Dicking: Thomas Wayne Fucks Aaron Light”
“Sultry and sexy Thomas Wayne is paired with our ever-horny bottom man, Aaron Light, in this sexually charged erotic adventure between friends. This session was supposed to be a three-way, which would have included Lee Ashbury, but he got called in to work”
“Aaron Light, Thomas Wayne”
“Dirty Dicking, Olar Studios”

“Cum-Sucking Studs Jaden And Justin”
“Jaden and Justin love to suck the cum out of each others cocks!”
“Jaden (m), Justin *”

“I’m Not Gay, But 20 Dollars Is 20 Dollars”
“He kicks back in the Schmoelounger, and works his young black cock to full hardness…Of course, y’all know.. I just have to have a taste …and before you know it…My lips are sliding all over his Black cock.”
“Black Joe, Eric”
“Joe Schmoe Productions”

“Father, Fuck My Sins Away”

“Carl Hubay, Carl Trevi”
“Hot Dicks Video”

“My First Sexperience”
“9 hot guys, 6 hardcore scenes. Film includes: 10 cumshots, bareback sex, deep throat, sperm eating, dildo play, rimming, and big dicks.”

“Man’s Art Studio, XY Studios”

“Big Cock Cum Eating”

“Ethan Ever, Seth Chase”

“The Sperm Factory: Break Time 3: Tony Somerset And Daylan Woods”
“We enjoy meeting and filming real-life, best friends. We really don’t make up the scenarios. What you see is real life. No script, just action, and a little bit of direction to keep these guys on track. “
“Daylan Woods, Tony Somerset”
“Olar Studios, The Sperm Factory”

“A Rampant Thrusting Fuck”
“Well, seeing as both Tommy’s and then Christopher’s solo films went down so great with all of you at home I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and invite them both back for a duo! “
“Christopher, Tommy (m)”
“Blake Mason”

“Auditions 5”
“From the barracks to the casting couch, Spunk Worthy presents 8 new military recruits droppin’ their cammies for the first time on camera, baring it all and bustin’ a nut! “
“Spunk Worthy”

“Raw Cock In My Ass”
“Nonstop bareback ass fucking! Nothing better than a hot cock fucking a tight sweet ass. “

“BluWillow Media”

“The Sperm Factory: First Timers 3”

“Thomas Wayne”
“Olar Studios, The Sperm Factory”

“A Real Marathon Sex Fest”
“This, my friends, is one of those films where the action is going to leave you totally breathless! It’s a "start to finish" marathon sex fest where Jed and Matt B just went for it and pretty much forgot there were cameras recording their activities. “
“Jed, Matt Brookes”
“Blake Mason”

“Blu And Brenden Sex Party”
“This fire-crotched guy gets a sloppy blow job from a blonde surfer stud.”
“Blu, Brenden”

“Showguys 566: Luis Duro And Adrian R”
“Today’s show features two very hot, and very young Latinos Luis Duro and Adrian R. They start with some heavy kissing. Adrian’s hard cock is making a bulge in his underwear, so Luis releases it and starts stroking. “
“Adrian R., Luis Duro”

“StraightBoyz Edging 20”

“Trax Action”

“How To Fuck A Teenage Fan”

“Cole Maverick, Hunter "Maverick Man"”
“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“Straight Tops”
“Southern straight hunk Blaze is back this week with horny bi jock Cort from our shoot in Atlanta. Mild mannered Blaze says he is going to fuck the shit out of Cort and treat him like his bitch. “

“On The Hunt”

“StraightBoyz Edging 21”

“Trax Action”

“Toby Ross’ XXX 101”
“A humorous instructional mockumentary of how to cast, make and sell an adult video to make that extra buck you might see the need for. “

“Hornbill Films”

“The Sperm Factory: Break Time 2: Gene Greene And Lee Ashbury”

“Gene Greene, Lee Ashbury”
“Olar Studios, The Sperm Factory”

“Bareback Base Camp 10”
“Bareback Base Camp 10 features three hot duo scenes, plus two solos with Corey and Tim. Of special note is a sizzling bareback scene with Corey and Tim — who both lose their cherry to one another. “
“Tim (Pink Bird Media), Wayne”
“Active Duty”

“A Gorgeous Pair Of Cock Loving Boys”
“Well, this hot pairing may not come as a surprise to those that frequent the forum – it was asked for there and so how could I possibly say "no" to such an excellent suggestion?”
“Jed, Will Jamieson”
“Blake Mason”

“A Cum Tasting Finish For Zak”
“Well it’s time to welcome back an old favorite, you asked, we listened and the totally gorgeous Zak with his thick hefty uncut cock returns to thoroughly service Justin B.”
“Justin B., Zak”
“Blake Mason”

“House Of Cocks 2”
“The second installment of House of Cocks brings us back to the house where it all began. Starring Colby, Tanner, Damion, Pyro, Logan, and Race. Watch these straight guys explore their wild urges on camera!”
“Amateur Straight Guys”

“Ghetto Whiteboys Gone Wild 3”
“Our Young Buddy Bubba Stopped By. Trying to earn a little extra money, and show off on camera. He is a 21 yr old, cute, stocky, str8guy who was a little nervous during our shoot. “
“Brian (Amvc), Chris (AMVC)”
“Joe Schmoe Productions”

“Drained Of Cum By The End”
“This film really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – Adam and Robbie, two seriously hot guys were simply desperate to fool around with each other! I naturally played cupid and the result sure is both intense and passionate.”
“Robbie, Will Jamieson”
“Blake Mason”

“Buddies 33”
“It’s the 33rd installment of the Buddies series from Workin’ Men Videos. This studio features classic amateur videos of raw, rugged, REAL American men getting down and dirty on camera just for you.”

“Workin’ Men Video”

“Frenchies Are Good Suckers”
“Check out the latest from, Frenchies Are Good Suckers! Featuring the hottest guys in action from France!”


“Bareback Base Camp 9”
“Bareback Base Camp 9 — directed by our good buddy Mike — features two hard core bareback fucking scenes, both starring that horse-hung dude Vic. If you like ’em dark and beardy (or at least 10 o’clock shadowy), then you’ll love Vic.”
“Vic, Wayne”
“Active Duty”

“Load Busters 2”
“We’ve brought you 7 hot models from Amateur Straight Guys. These straight guys have hard dicks and are eager to get off.”
“Tanner (m), Ty”
“Amateur Straight Guys”

“The Ass Bang Theory 2”
“Seven hot, straight men cum together in this movie to perform for the viewers. Forrest, Logan, Tanner, Houston, Tyce, Joel, and Chet will show you the theory behind banging ass.”
“Joel, Tyce”
“Amateur Straight Guys”

“Bless Me With Your Cum”

“Carl Hubay, Carl Trevi”
“Hot Dicks Video”

“An Almost Loving Hardcore Fuck”
“Forget the roaring log fires and hot toddy this Christmas! Instead, we have something super special to warm you up this holiday season – it’s a very hot, very steamy romp around the bed from two of the hottest models of 2009. “
“A.J., Aaron”
“Blake Mason”

“The Arcade 4”

“Pat and Sam”

“Monster Facial For Kilo”
“Kilo told us he’s always wanted to take a big load of cum in his mouth and on his face. Enter Seth Chase… Seth delivers one of his famous giant cum loads, completely painting Kilo’s face with cum.”
“Kilo Lang, Seth Chase”

“Best Of Rusty Stevens”
“For many of our viewers, there’s nothing hotter than watching a straight, muscular jock get himself off just the way he likes it. So this week Trevor Knight turns the camera on gay-for-pay stud Rusty, who feels his own ripped body up.”
“Rusty Stevens”
“On The Hunt”

“Straight Spunk: Aaron Light And Ed Harding”

“Aaron Light, Ed Harding”
“Olar Studios, Straight Spunk”

“Swallowing Anton’s Hairy Load”

“Aaron French, Anton Reed”

“Showguys 565: Ian Jay And Toro Flip-Flop”
“Ian Jay and Toro are two of ShowGuys most popular studs. Ian is in chaps with his dick and ass hanging out, and Toro is in briefs, which soon come off.”
“Ian Jay, Toro”

“Fuck Dynasty 2”
“Join the men of Amateur Straight Guys as they get down to their dick sucking roots! Starting with the hot threesome of Dean, Joel, and Tyce. Then, follow it up with the sexy Kane, Tex, and Tucker trio. Included are two hot solos with Stifler and Tyce. “
“Dean, Joel, Tyce”
“Amateur Straight Guys”

“Ace Sucks Devin’s 10-Inch Dick”
“Ace uses his pierced tongue to lick and suck Devin’s massive 10 inch dick in a shower!”
“Ace *, Devin”

“Sex Rated Toyz: Foster’s Fleshlight Fun”

“Olar Studios, Sex Rated Toyz”

“Buddies 32”
“It’s the 32nd installment of the Buddies series from Workin’ Men Videos. This studio features classic amateur videos of raw, rugged, REAL American men getting down and dirty on camera just for you. “

“Workin’ Men Video”

“Good Dick From France”
“Check out the latest from, Good Dick From France! Featuring the hottest guys in action from France!”
“Claude Next, Phyzer”

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