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“Monster Cock Face-Fucking”
“If you like watching smooth-bodied, hung hotties shove their fat monster cocks down an eager boy’s throat, then don’t miss these men in this face-fucking fest!”


“Cock Suckin Homeboys”
“Cock Suckin Homeboys features real thugs after that sweet cream. See them tease and watch them please! “

“Blatino Connection”

“Hit Me With That Thang Thang”
“Shakin’ dicks while turnin’ tricks! These horny big-dicked brothas just can’t pass on a fine bubble butt bottom boy ass… or his greedy mouth with thick, soothing lips smackin’. “

“Blatino Connection”

“Str8 To Anal 3”
“What is it about straight guys that make us weak at the knees? Maybe it’s the thought of "turning" them that makes these heteros more appealing. Whatever it is, we’re not going to complain… Bring on the str8 boys!”
“Jett Black (m), Justin Lebeau”
“Video Boys”

“ManCunts 12: Sloppy Gaping Manholes”
“Sammael has a girlfriend at home and considers himself straight, but is extremely comfortable in his own skin. His favorite pleasures are all focused around his butt.”
“Iron Video”

“Tony And Young Joe”
” Tony is a curious, young man who was excited to be on cam. He is ‘str8’ but he also enjoys sticking stuff up his ass. Young Joe stopped by for a blowjob, but ends up fucking me and shooting his load all over my ass.”
“Joe Schmoe, Young Joe”
“Joe Schmoe Productions”

“Everyone’s Fucking On The Couch”
“Joshua and Braxton are kind of new to porn, and Joshua’s never been in a threesome, but that doesn’t stop either of them from getting busy with Tristan. Each of the boys take turns kissing and stroking each other’s cocks.”
“Braxton, Joshua, Tristan”
“PornPlays, Tasty Twink”

“First Contact 214”
“Straight boy Tom is back – this time to get his dick sucked. I wonder if he wants to fuck this big white booty. “
“Morgan (AMVC), Nate”
“The Great Canadian Male”

“Huge Fuckers”
“There’s a good reason why Breed Me Media’s catch phrase is "We breed a ‘hole’ lot better!" Their men have huge, hung cocks that just can’t get enough of stuffing horny holes, which is perfectly showcased in their latest release Huge Fuckers!”
“Luke Harrington, Nicko Wilde”
“Alpha 1 Men, Breed Me Media”

“Suck The Santa Claus”
“This year, Santa is heating up Christmas with his salty, seasonal dick. Kris Kringle needs some R & R and finds it in a French glory hole, of all places.”
“Jess (m), Sebastian”

“Trinogamous Open Sex Domestic Relationship”
“Three hot Aussie guys getting off on camera as Dan and Sam take control of Coz. Bottom hunk Coz remains the center of attention as he is fucked repeatedly by Dan’s massively hung cock and gets a second fuck from Sam also.”
“Coz, Dan, Sam”
“Amateurs Do It”

“Fuck Me Sir”

“Chris Ryder, Cole Maverick, Hunter "Maverick Man"”
“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“I Fucked Your White Boyfriend 3: Whiteboy Smashing”
“Blain Tutera is meeting up with his old homie Golden Secret. Blain is in love with that chocolate meat, taking it all in, getting fucked hard on the couch. He delivers endless ass destruction til it’s time to bust some nuts! “
“Blain Tutera, Golden Secret”
“Flava Works”

“Straights Baiting Straights”
“"Just the tip," that’s what our sexy, cute, bait boy, Krys, said to entice our straight guy to suck his first cock. Krys is back two years from when he was baited into having first time gay sex with another dude. “
“Alex Adams, Alexander Greene”
“Bait Buddies”

“Gung Ho Grunts Part 3”
“Military life can be exhausting, so when the chance comes up to let off some steam and make a pile of cash, you can bet that str8 troops are at the ready. “
“Yuri (Spunk Worthy)”
“Spunk Worthy”

“Black On Black”
“Filmed on location, in the heart of Africa, these 5 hardcore bareback scenes feature 10 young black males enjoying gay sex, which is strictly forbidden by their government and society. “
“Dubaku, Rayshon”
“80 Gays”

“Double Bred”
“My bottom friend Jack was looking for some big cocks to stretch his hole. Knowing he only likes the big ones, I invited this big dick gamer friend of mine over to test his skills.”
“Ch. 2 Productions”

“Str8 First Time 6”
“Trax Action is back with the 6th installment in the Str8 First Time series! These sexy straight men get their hard dicks blown by a man for the first time. Eyes covered, they sit back and fully indulge in the pleasure of getting licked, sucked and rubbed.”

“Trax Action”


“Claude Sorel, Todd Rosset”
“Bel Ami”

“Boys Halfway House 2”
“Two of our 19 year olds were messing around on the couch, and the House Managers decide to give them a thorough example of what to expect when they fuck up.”

“Boys Halfway House”

“Top Turns Bareback Bottom”
“Andy Kay fucks Joshua O’Brian bare!”
“Andy Kay, Joshua O’Brien”
“Andy Kay Productions”

“Big Rick”
“Big Rick stopped by looking to make a little cash… And have his big uncut meat sucked on too.”

“Joe Schmoe Productions”

“Suck A Straight At Sport Room”


“Sydney Sun Outdoor Pool Fuck”
“Sexually experienced Leo and Blake get naked pool side and literally suck and fuck on the pool deck out in the Australian sun!”
“Blake, Leo”
“Amateurs Do It”

“Angel And Aron Fuck In The Bathroom”
“These two super cute twinks were going to take a shower together but they get a little distracted as they swap oral back and forth.”
“Angel Blade, Aron Malt”
“Boy Feast, PornPlays”

“Black And White”
“White cum on dark skin, greedy tongues lick the love juice, drive the boy into ecstasy! Full of lust, he puts his hands on the hard dick that wants to be jerked! Black & White merge for a single enjoyable seed ride!”

“Man’s Best Media”

“Outdoor Sperm”
“Alternadudes presents Outdoor Sperm, a look at some of our guys who get off on the idea of dropping a load in the great wide open. “
“Christian Blu, Jesse Rider, Tyler Hancock”

“Boys Halfway House”
“We grabbed this 18 year old ginger out of the closet where we had bound and gagged him and a few others – it was his turn.”

“Boys Halfway House”

“Str8 First Time 5”
“Trax Action is back with the 5th installment in the Str8 First Time series! These sexy straight men get their hard dicks blown by a man for the first time. Eyes covered, they fully indulge in the pleasure of getting licked, sucked and rubbed.”

“Trax Action”

“Gaping Cum Holes”


“Man Hole”
“Erik randomly texted us while he was on his lunch break to ask if we wanted to get in a quick one and I jumped at the chance since he works right down the street.”
“Cole Maverick, Erik *, Hunter "Maverick Man"”
“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“Huge Dick Trade-Off Suck”
“A hottie with a huge dick firmly grasps the big hard cock in front of his face and opens up wide, then it’s his turn to get his cock devoured.”


“Straight Guys Do It Hard”
“We give straight, virgin male porn star wannabe James Kelly a wicked welcome into the world of Gay4Pay porn.”
“Brandon Monroe, Jessie Balboa”
“Bait Buddies”

“Straight Boys Party Hard”
“Wyatt enjoyed his previous experience of ass play so much that he’s come back for more, and this time the straight boy is getting the dick of one of our other top straight boys too! “
“Jizzy McBone, Wyatt Blaze”
“PornPlays, Zack Randall”

“Boys First Time Alone At Home”
“Your first time being home alone is a magical experience. Having no parental supervision leaves you free to openly explore your sexual desires. That is exactly what this boy does!”
“Dave *, Derrick”

“Smell My Sneakers And Suck”
“He likes sneakers and he loves cock! Enjoy the fun!”
“Fabien Footeux, Tony Rekins”

“Heavy Hitters”
“Have you ever seen a BIG cock? You haven’t seen anything yet. These hung studs don’t need a special lens or camera angle to make them look big. Real fat dick just for you. Enjoy!”
“Diesel Washington, Ridge Michaels”
“Extra Big Dicks”

“Cock Parade 3”
“Here it is finally, the super horny compilation of the best cocks from the productions of Man’s Best! Without long lead times, they’re ready to perform! The most beautiful guys in their sperm actions will delight any party who arrives, just pure action! I”

“Man’s Best Media”

“Reenlisted 2”
“Real military men trying out gay porn. These studs are from the army and when you go without sex for months anything will turn you on. Includes extras. Enjoy!”
“Cruz, Jaxon, Niko”
“Active Duty”

“3’s Company”

“B.C. Productions, Chocolate Cream”

“Big Bear Trucking Co. 2”
“Jack Radcliffe returns for even bigger loads and hotter fur-coated fuckers!”

“Bear, Bear Omnimedia”

“Straightboyz Loads 14”
“Check out the 14th volume of the series where sexy straight studs get their hard cocks sucked by a talented mouth who knows how to please! They can’t believe it’s a guy making them cum so hard!”

“Trax Action”

“Cute Twink Ass Gets Pounded”
“Watch as this tight twink ass gets reamed by a stiff hard cock!”


“White Thug Bareback 2”
“These white thugs want to get a piece of hot black ass and they know just where to go to find the guy!”

“Ch. 2 Productions”

“Dirty Ass Lovers”

“Global Twink”

“Caught On Camera: My Boyfriend Buttfucks My Brother”
“Cheating men can’t hide their desires for their boyfriend’s sexy brother. This sensual infidelity all gets caught on camera!”
“Joshua O’brian, Nathan Stratus”
“Andy Kay Productions”

“Cumming To Chicago”
“Ryan Cummings descends on Chicago over IML weekend and shows us just how piggy he can be!”
“Ryan Cummings”
“Bad Seed Media, Chris Neal Media”

“I’m Not Gay I’ve Just Got Bills To Pay Part 3”
“Sometimes all it takes is the right motivation for a str8 guy to cross the line and get off with the help of another guy for the first time. “
“CY, Glen (m)”
“Spunk Worthy”

“Canadian Bears”
“Our first time to Canada sure won’t be our last as this excursion left us sucked, fucked and dripping in cum with this hot all Canadian cast.”
“Jason Roman, P.J. Rage”
“Bear Films”

“Casting Sessions 6”
“Established model Scott Davies shows two new models the ropes before we see Kai Summers doing a solo casting session.”

“Adult Male UK”

“Christian And Kevin”
“This week we welcome back Christian Collins. Along with new model, Kevin Grover, they produce one of the hottest scenes to date with a simultaneous cum shot to end it! “
“Christian Collins, Kevin”

“TIMSuck 4”
“Your wish is our command: after his Treasure Island Media debut on TIMFuck earlier this year, we were flooded with requests for more of cocoa stud Kory Mitchell (formerly Kory Kong). “
“Kory Mitchell, Nick Savage”
“Treasure Island Media”

“Popped Cherry”
“Watch these studs get their cherries popped. Fat dicks and a lot of hardcore anal sex. Enjoy!”
“Richie Sabatini”
“Circle Jerk Boys”

“Cuckoo For Cocoa Cock”
“Once in a blue moon, you come across a guy that is normally a top but with total control of his muscle ass so he can really take a pounding! Yes, we turned out a top in this video”
“Cole Maverick, Hunter "Maverick Man", Richey”
“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“Huge Cocks 2”
“In the second installment of the Huge Cocks series, more smokin’ hot studs with huge pulsing cocks performing solos.”

“Diamond Pictures”

“Bareback Cum Slut 2”
“The second installment of the Bareback Cum Slut series is jam-packed with more hard and horny men craving a good fuck and suck, and they sure get it!”

“Ch. 2 Productions”

“Seth Can Take That Big Dick”
“Jacobey has a problem – not many guys can take that big cock in their tight ass. Lucky for him we have the always-greedy Seth ready to suck that monster and take it for a ride all over the bed! “
“Jacobey, Seth”
“PornPlays, University Crush”

“Conner And Hunter”
“Conner brings his cute blonde boyfriend Hunter with him and we’re happy he did. The boys are from California and enjoy a good laugh as the video shows! “
“Conner, Hunter (m)”

“Jackson And Trevor”
“We are excited to welcome Jackson with his new boyfriend Trevor. These 2 have been dating for just 3 months so the sex is still new and hot!”
“Jackson Taylor, Trevor Laster”

“Behind The Line 3”

“Jake (Active Duty), Riley (m), Shea (m)”
“Active Duty”

“Blake Mason’s 1000th Release: Orgy Orgy Orgy Oi Oi Oi”
“Veteran Blake Mason models Luke Desmond, Riley Tess, and Bradley Bishop come together with hot newcomers Mickey Taylor, Dylan Thorne, and Damian Gomez to celebrate Blake Mason’s 1,000th release… with an orgy!”
“Bradley Bishop, Damien Gomez, Dylan Thome, Luke Desmond, Mickey Taylor, Riley Tess”
“Blake Mason, PornPlays”

“Straight Wyatt Gets A Full Service”
“Wyatt is a straight guy who has no experience with anal play or other guys, but JS is determined to change that. The young man arrives unsure, is quickly blindfolded, and finds himself on the massage table. Daddy JS works in some oil…”
“JS Wild, Wyatt Blaze”
“PornPlays, Zack Randall”

“My Straight Roommate 4”
“He thought he was straight until he sucked my dick! He cooks, cleans and loves my cock in his ass! The best roommates share everything! Waking up to a tongue in your ass isn’t so bad! Suddenly, being roommates just got a whole lot better!”
“Alec Grey, Daniel Freeman”

“French Twinks 16: Amours Supremes – D’or Et De Lumiere 2”
“"D’Or Et De Lumiere" is without a doubt the best gay French porn never realized. "Amours Supremes" met the challenge. Is it better than the first? Since 1996, Comme Des Anges astonishes and innovates at the pace of a great film per year. “
“Harruel Tahar, Leo Helios”
“Comme Des Anges Studio”

“Aussie Private Sex Party Gang Bangs”
“The formula is simple – Australian amateurs allow us to film their regular group sex hook up meets. Whether that be in private homes or hotel rooms these private gay sex parties are filmed in Sydney, Australia and feature a real assortment of men!”
“Blake, Dan, Mickael, Sam”
“Amateurs Do It”

“Demolition Building Site 3way Amateur Fuck”
“Introducing 3 true Aussie amateurs called Jayce, Timothy and Clay who are more than keen on trying new things, like fucking and sucking at the same time, or fucking and getting fucked in a threesome chain. “
“Clay, Jayce, Timothy”
“Amateurs Do It”

“Jaroslav And Radek”
“Watch as these two kiss and swap blowjobs before Jaroslav rims Radek’s smooth ass and fucks him into submission.”
“Jaroslav, Radek”

“Hung Noob Ian Gets Some Hot Arse”
“As you might recall, after I filmed Ian going solo I was in quite a confused state. The guy was so unbelievably lovely (and hot, hung, cute etc!) that I was smitten – in fact I could think of nothing else other than I had to get him back! “
“Craig (Blake Mason), Ian”
“Blake Mason, PornPlays”

“Stogie Bears”
“10 Hairy, woofy studs suck on their cigars and each other as they puff and fuck their way into furry, sweaty release!”
“Boswell Bear, Bud Stiffy, Budd Lawson”
“Bear Films”

“Teaching A New Twink Piss Play”
“The sweet boy starts off a little nervous, not sure about pissing on his new friend, but soon cocks are hard, piss is splashing everywhere and both boys are drinking and gobbling until their cum loads are pumping out! “
“Isaac, Zack *”
“PornPlays, Zack Randall”

“Butt Hurt”
“Come on and make it Butt Hurt so good! The sexy fuckers in this flick thrive on the pleasure with ass-poking agony.”
“Cory Koons, Troy Moreno”
“Dark Alley Media, Raw Fuck Club”

“Broke Straight Guys”
“Just what will straight guys do for some cash? It seems that some will do almost anything, including exploring their unexplained cock lust on camera!”
“Janusz Gol, Riley Tess”
“Blake Mason, PornPlays”

“Barebacking Military Dude”
“This sexy military dude returns. I can’t get enough of that big hard pole he has! I love the way he shoves it down my throat and how much he loves it when I fuck his tight ass bareback style!”

“Ch. 2 Productions”

“Dirty Little Muscle Pig”
“We know how much you love muscle boys. We also know how much you love nasty little fucking piggies! So, we got a hot little muscle pig for your enjoyment (and ours)!”
“Cole Maverick, Hunter "Maverick Man", Scott”
“MaverickMan22 Productions”

“Ink’d And Dirty”

“Clayton Archer, Derrick Hanson”
“Dirty Tony”

“Straightboyz Loads 13”
“Check out the 13th volume of the series where sexy straight studs get their hard cocks sucked by a talented mouth who knows how to please! They can’t believe it’s a guy making them cum so hard!”

“Trax Action”

“Active Duty Taboo”

“Cam, Steve Jonz”
“San Diego Boy Productions”

“Splendor In The Ass”
“These men know what to do. Watch them repeatedly shove a big cock deep down their throats. Nothing scares these big bad boys. Enjoy!”
“Ari Gypsy, Brenn Wyson”
“Men Over 30”

“Bear Essentials”
“Bear Essentials is 100% hardcore bear and cub action, filmed just for your pleasure! We shot this film in Florida and Palm Springs and these men sure give a new meaning to the word "HOT!"”
“Andrew Mason, Venice Cub”
“Bear Films”

“Barebacked Virgin”
“Watch as these hotties get bareback fucked for the first time ever! They spread their cheeks and let that hard dick slide in their tight virgin hole.”
“Andy Kay, Benny Darling”
“Andy Kay Productions”

“Seth Gives Alex Every Inch”
“Seth has a very hot young twink to share his long cock with in this video! We’re getting up-close and personal with these boys as we kick things off right in the heat of the action, with Seth being sucked and then fucking our versatile bottom and loving t”
“Alex, Seth”
“PornPlays, University Crush”

“Shear Chaos 13”

“Dwight, Micah”

“Corey’s School Boy Fantasy”
“BoyCrush releases its newest movie of BoyCrush’s original star Corey Clark, it has unreleased scenes from the BoyCrush Vault!”
“Brett Ryder, Corey Clark”
“Boy Crush”

“Raw 3”
“Diesel dark dicks gettin’ in where they fit in… and if it don’t fit, they just use more spit!”

“B.C. Productions, Chocolate Cream”

“Tails From The Blackside”
“Dametry brought his boy Skittlez by and fucked the shit out of him. Black Joe and the much younger Tango get busy.”
“Dametry (Joe Schmoe), Skittlez”
“Joe Schmoe Productions”

“Battleground 2”
“Join Niko, Gannon and Cruz as they team up in this hot new Active Duty movie.”
“Gannon, Niko”
“Active Duty”

“Broke Straight Boys 27”
“Broke Straight Boys 27 brings you 6 smoking hot scenes full of broke straight guys going gay for pay!”
“Blake Savage, Brandon Beal, Vadim Black, Zeno Kostas”

“New Boy Louis Fucks Luke”
“After seeing Louis wanking the cum from his cock in his solo we really wanted to have him back for a fuck, and when Luke saw the guy and heard the discussion he was volunteering to get that dick in his ass!”
“Louis, Luke Desmond”
“Blake Mason, PornPlays”

“Zack And His House Of Mirrors”
“As if Zack doesn’t already have enough cock to please us all, he’s gathered every mirror in the house for a long and intense cam show, covering everything from self sucking to foreskin play, ball tugging to cum eating! “
“Zack Randall”
“PornPlays, Zack Randall”

“TIMFuck 6”
“When voracious fuckslut Jayson Park told us he was having a few friends over for a friendly gang bang, we had to tag along. In this all-out orgy of fucking, sucking, and more, load after load of spunk fills up the cumwhore’s needy holes!”
“Jayson Park, Rady Harden, Rocky DiMarco, Sam Hudson”
“Treasure Island Media”

“All Real Bareback 19”

“Armin Philipps, Chris Tee”
“All Real Bareback”

“Raw Meet Up”
“These guys are wanting to meet-up for some raw powerful sucking and banging.”

“Sebastian’s Studios”

“Crash Boom”
“Unusual places he’s jacked off, our boys aren’t experienced porn models or high paid actors. They’ve never considered adult work, and never been naked in public before.”

“Vimpex Gay Media”

“Big Aussie Cocks 3-Way Amateurs”
“We all love massive cocks and both Hunter and Marc certainly have massive cocks to satisfy passive Brenton during this hot Aussie amateurs 3 some fuck encounter!”
“Brenton, Hunter, Marc”
“Amateurs Do It”

“4 Alarm Firemen”
“It`s time to see how our All-American Heroes get it on with other hot American Heroes! “
“Beau, Rex”
“All-American Heroes”

“All Amateur Bears 4”
“Buck just finished a long, hard day on the job site. What he didn’t know was that when he got back to the office he’d have to get right back to work… on Trevor’s long, hard cock! “
“Buck Marshall, Trevor Belfast”
“Bear Films”

“Three Boys On A House Boat”
” Brenden, Mikey and Sabastian are on a house boat when they start to get strong sexual urges as they eye each other up. Their cocks harden and before you know it they are down each other’s warm throats and in each other’s tight, welcoming asses.”


“Cock Sucking Buddies Unload”
“The sun is beating down but the water feels so good. Marcus and Michael are soon enjoying themselves as their feast of cock begins. “
“Marcus, Michael *”
“PornPlays, Zack Randall”

“Joseph And Vic”
“Vic came back for an action shoot with newcomer Joseph and there was instant heat between these two muscular blonde studs.”
“Denis Reed, Joseph”

“Don’t Tell My Ol’ Lady”
“Studly str8 guy Jeff stopped by to make a vid. He’s a concrete guy who was more than a lil bit curious about gay sex. He ends up shootin his nutt all over Eric’s ass uncontrollably. Ghetto white boy Diamond stopped by for his first video.”
“Diamond (m)”
“Joe Schmoe Productions”

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